The People’s Budget Bakersfield is a grassroots coalition that is several years in the making. Throughout the city of Bakersfield Black and  Brown organizers have been fighting for police accountability and reform dating back to the early 2000’s. Building upon the work of our elders 

We quickly learned that police reform is useless, because you can’t reform an institution that has no accountability. Every year the cities across the country (including Bakersfield) increase the amount of money given to the police. That gives them more power to harass, arrest and murder Black people in the streets like dogs.

Led by Black organizers with the needs of Black people in the forefront we are challenging the way things are done, and reimagining what our world could look like. This is a coalition created for the people by the people, and we will win. 

If you or your organization would like to sign on as a supporter of the People’s Budget Bakersfield, please fill out this form.


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